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Are you looking for a gym that cares, provides ongoing support, and fits around your busy schedule? Then FitXpress is the perfect gym for you! Open 24/7 you can pick and choose your workout times, so you don’t miss out on life’s big moments at the expense of your fitness.

Are you looking for an affordable, flexible and personalized service? FitXpress is Northern Beaches Premier family owned independent 24/7 health and fitness centre. We aim to always improve and provide the best customer service. We have Australian made equipment and the finest trainers to ensure our clients receive the best care and attention. 

Fitness or weight-loss - how to stay motivated

Struggling to stay motivated with your fitness or weight-loss? Perhaps you’re recovering from injury, or maybe you’re ready to take your power and stamina to a whole new level. FitXpress is here to help you create and reach measurable targets, and will help you come up with a manageable workout. 

We work with one of Townsville’s best boot camp and personal training providers. BFiTT offers a great range of packages to guarantee you results, from regular programs, bootcamps and one-on-one sessions! 

Their Personal Trainers are more than qualified to work around any injury that you may have, as well as educating you on correct nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

Pilates, Boxing, Yoga and more

FitXpress offers you Yoga, Aerobics, Belly Dancing and Circuit and other classes to help you lose weight, stay fit and tone your body. Feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to fit in an hour for a fitness class? In addition to the range of classes on offer, you have the option of booking one-on-one sessions with any one of the Personal Trainers to help you choose the perfect workout exercises for your fitness level and needs.

From friendly and approachable staff, excellent service, quality machines, exciting programs and a convenient location, FitXpress is indeed the new health hub for you in the Northern Beaches.